The 2016 Atlanta Braves, a Perspective

Atlanta Braves are on the upswing
Jace Peterson #8 and Dansby Swanson #2 of the Atlanta Braves celebrate a line drive double play in the eighth inning against the Detroit Tigers at Turner Field on October 2, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta Braves Are On The Upswing

Believe it, the Atlanta Braves are on the upswing. The glass is more than half full. If you look at the overall picture of MLB teams, the Braves are one of the bottom 5 teams to finish the 2016 season. However, if you take a positive outlook on things the Braves are not in that bad.

The Braves did finish with a final record of 68 wins and 93 loses. 68-93, that winning percentage is .422. That’s a far cry from a .500 team, which were my hopes for the season. Unrealistic maybe, but watching your favorite team not play very well in their final year at Turner Field was a bit painful. Not physical pain, but listening to other baseball program mock your favorite team since birth isn’t very reassuring.

If you want to use stats, then let’s play that game. Winning percentage wise there are 4 other MLB teams with a worse record; Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Minnesota Twins. That is not a justification of course, but when looking for positives vibes, it’s a great start. The Braves since acquiring Matt Kemp, have been one of the best teams offensively in baseball. If you want the numbers to verify that, there are dozen of websites to back that up.,, or any other sporting page .com will have the same totals.

The Braves Have Some Real Talent

Arguably Freddie Freeman of the Braves is as clutch as any MLB player. Dansby Swanson is one of the best emerging talents in baseball, and Nick Markakis revitalized his MLB career in Atlanta. Rather than naming every single Braves player on the 40 man roster, looking at a few players only should excite any Braves fan. Then looking at the pitching arms the Braves have in their bullpen, makes the smiles grow even bigger. In the final game at Turner Field on Sunday, the Braves finished the season with the same starting pitcher who took the mound on opening day, Julio Teheran. He shut out the Detroit Tigers in Atlanta and their play off dreams vanished as well.

The Atlanta Braves are not going gently into that good night. They are raging against the dying of the light. March is only 5 short months away and Spring training will start. If that seems like a long time to wait, Pitchers and Catchers usually report to Spring Training in late February. So in the meantime, what the 2016 postseason games. The National League East will have 2 ball clubs playing, the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals. This will be an amazing post season playoffs in 2016. The Chicago Cubs might go to the World Series and win it all. David Ortiz will be playing in his final postseason for the Boston Red Soxs. There are plenty of headlines to write about baseball in the next month. It’s too early to focus on the 2017 season just yet Atlanta Braves fans. Enjoy the moment and be excited for opening day in April. Love God, love your family, love baseball, then love the Atlanta Braves!


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