Why is anyone surprised Roger McDowell was let go?

Before I begin this article, I love the Atlanta Braves. Reread that statement as many times as it takes. Not agreeing with every transaction or coaching change doesn’t change your love for things or people. My dad loved me all his life despite of all the dumb things that were said and done. My son is almost 21 and my biggest hope is that he knows that my love for him will never change.
Bobby Cox is a great coach and General Manager. There are very few people who will disagree with that statement. He helped build and maintain of the the best organizations in sports history. It doesn’t matter which sport you choose either. Football, hockey, basketball, or any other sports. Bobby Cox was ahead of his time. It was almost like Bobby had Crystal ball only he could see. Was that his secret? Probably not, but for supersticous fans who are still convinced they see Elvis Prestley at every truck stop or casino they visit, there is your new fantasy. 
When Bobby Cox finally retired as manager of the Braves, the Braves organization hired Fredi Gonzales as the next coach of the Braves. This seemed liked a good hire and Bobby Cox supported and encouraged this manager. Gonzalez was good, he had coach at the MLB level before with the then Florida Marlins. Roger Mc Dowell was going to join the Braves as the new pitching coach too. Was the Gonzales and McDowell the new generation of Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzaoni? Mazzoni was the pitching coach right along Cox during the Braves pendant runs. Leo even inspired the bobble head dolls that are a hot commodity in baseball with his rocking motion. The next great pair of coaches were hand picked by Bobbyy Cox and his supposed crystal ball. But guess what? There are no fortune tellers with the ability to see into the future.
The Braves owners and new president John Schelhotz know this. They are extremely educated baseball men. They have knowledge of baseball that few have. Many writers and experts claim to have inside knowledge. They do not. Myself included as some of my old theories. With the financial backing of SunTrust Bank and the Coca Cola franchise, it was time the Atlanta Braves starting winning pendants and World Series again. The old G.M. was fired, or the poltically correct version let go or parted ways. The next big name to go was Fredi Gonzalez, and now Roger McDowell. The old system of Bobboy Cox and his mythical powers are gone, like Turner field. The new face of the next generation for the Braves is Freddie Freeman. You can build a franchise around him. Now the Dansby Swanson is here, does anyone miss Anderlton Simmons? Loving a new look and direction will help in the transformation. Turner field is no longer the home of the Atlanta Braves. It’s now SunTrust Park. The new sheriff in town is Brian Snitcker and whomever the new pitching coach is. This might be a bold and improbable thing to say, but so is suggesting Bobby Cox is a fortune teller. GO BRAVES!!


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