Have you voted yet? For the Hank Aaron awards of course. 

Since this is a Election time in America for the next President of the United States, it might be a nice change of pace to watch baseball. Also if you are a huge baseball fan, you can also vote for the Hank Aaron award. This award is fo the best player on each team in both the American and National League. As an added bonus you can vote for your favorite Major League player 10 times a day!
This is a great thing Major League Baseball sponsors. They do not announce the Most Valueable Player in each league during the season. The same is true for the Rookies of the Year and the Cy Young Award. The Cy Young award goes out to the best pitcher in each league. The Hank Aaron award is voted by the fans and other opinions tend not to come into play. There are personal biases in baseball voting. There always have been and there will unfortunately always wil be. If you need evidence of the biases of voting in Major League Baseball, look at the Hall of Fame voting criteria. Greg Maddux of the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, and the Los Angeles Dodgers should have been a unanimous vote in for the hall. However one writer in New York who had a Hall of Fame vote, did not want that to happen. 
Odviously there are a lot of elements in baseball that should be changed. Holding grudges, much like a spoiled child, should be weeded out of baseball. That is up to the Commisioner of Baseball to do. If he will or not is one of the problems with baseball. It is not a perfect game and there are millions of fans from around the world. As baseball looks to grow in popularity by new television contracts and ballparks, maybe it can invest money on how to make the sport I love not have blemishes. It is naive to look for perfection in anyone or anything. Keeping players from not having an illusive award their numbers odviously support is a great place to start.
However switching gears for the fans who love and support baseball, the Hank Aaron award is a great place to start. Let the fans of baseball select who should receive awards. Not grumpy old men with grudges that seem to be passed down from generation to generation. Here is the link to vote for your favorite player in 2016 in the American and National League.
 Vote now for the 2016 Hank Aaron Award atmlb.com/2dhByHH via @mlb. 
Let’s us as fans take back the game we love and support. 


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