Should the Braves fans feel jealous?

Oct 2, 2016: Atlanta Braves rookie infielder Dansby Swanson (2) after the MLB game between the Atlanta Braves and the Detroit Tigers at Turner Field in Atlanta, GA. This is the final game at Turner Field after a 20 year run. The Braves move to SunTrust Park in Marietta, GA in 2017. (Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire)
Oct 2, 2016: Atlanta Braves rookie infielder Dansby Swanson

This is an ambiguous question that obviously has no answer. When deciding it was time for a new Braves article, researching the recent Braves transactions was the first step. Besides the huge news this week involving the hiring of Brian Snitker as the new manager, there were many other storylines that presented themselves just as interesting.

On The Move

Bo Porter the 3rd base coach for the Braves in 2016 is a candidate to possibly come the new manager of the Colorado Rockies. After reading some articles about Porter’s possible leaving the Braves organization if hired, that gave me the idea for today’s article. Over the years, many players and coaches have resided in Atlanta for a very brief span and went on to continue their baseball careers with other MLB teams. Huge names including John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux. Former Braves managers as well have played a role here as well.

When hearing about Porter’s possible new career in Colorado, how do you feel when former coaches or players leave for better opportunities? Personally I am very happy for the new chances that await former staff members with the employment history reading Atlanta Braves somewhere in their credentials. Baseball is a business, and we as baseball fans know this.

Jerseys Can Bring Pain, Beware

Sometimes it is hard when players are traded away to other teams or sign with other clubs. One of the reasons I do not buy a lot or own a lot of Braves Jerseys is because I do not like seeing players leave, then I am stuck with a jersey I can’t wear anyway. Currently I have a Chipper Jones and Freddie Freeman Jersey hanging in my closet. No one else. Come Christmas this year I’m hoping for a Swanson jersey as well. I haven’t written Santa Claus just yet, but I want to be sure what number Swanson will be wearing. It’s either a 2 or 7 jersey for him in 2017.

Still owning a number of Braves t-shirts and bobble heads, the only one that sits on my writing table is a John Smoltz Hall of Fame one I received in 2015 from Turner field. That also turned out to be the last Braves game I saw with my father, who passed in August of 2016. Besides from being John Smoltz bobblehead night, the Braves also had a tribute to the armed forces as well. My dad proudly served in the military for 20 years and retired in Austin, TX when I was 14. The memories of my dad’s love for the Braves pointed me in the path of what I do know, writing about about them.

Do What You Love, Wherever That May Come

I was almost sad when Smoltz went to the Boston Red Sox to continue his pitching career, but I understood why. There is a certain drive in everyone when we continue doing what we love doing, even if our bodies will no longer allow us to do so. Having Multiple Sclerosis myself, I try to continue on even when my body completely shuts down. Strong work ethic and determination are gifts I inherited from my dad. However, I find writing about the Braves a lot less physically demanding of my body. I can continue doing this for a number of years, God willing.

When players and managers continue their baseball career with other teams, there is no reason for resentment. The MLB is one huge family that only a few can join. The fastest I can possibly throw a ball in maybe 80 MPH on my best day ever. Physically I was not blessed with the ability to hit a fastball or a curved ones either. However, if you catch me playing MLB games on my tablet as Freddie Freeman, my timing and swings knock pitches out of the ballparks quite often. Only in a virtual world I’ll ever hear the roaring of a crowd applauding my efforts. I’m fine with that.

There’s No Crying In Baseball

It’s the same with seeing other players and coaches enjoying baseball with other teams. Carry on doing what you love doing for as long as you want to do it. Bobby Cox did, Brian Snitker currently is, and Chipper Jones played a lot of great baseball for the Braves no doubt. Just like the classic baseball movie A League of Their Own, when Tom Hanks tells his players, “there’s no crying in baseball!” There is also no reason to hold onto jealousy or animosity when a baseball player wants to continue playing or coaching the sport they love. Even if that means not for your beloved city.


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