Freddie Freeman, the best 1st baseman in baseball.

That is a bold statement to make. Why yes it is. The numbers back this up and there might be arguments  for other 1st basemen in baseball, all your disagreements are welcomed. Big names have played at first base in 2016, and there are many other good players at first. However what is clear during games when other players try and play at first base for their offense, it become clear they belong in the outfield catching fly balls. 

There list of good first baseman is long. I will not go into detail with every single first baseman in MLB and say how Freddie Freeman is better than him. That’s an opinion piece and my bold headline is an opinion. The list of very good first baseman is a long list indeed. Big names most baseball fans will immediately recognize such as Paul Goldschmidt, Joey Votto, and Anthony Rizzo. Yes I only listed National League first baseman. The  only American League notable one I can list is Miguel Cabrera. I do not have a prejudice against the American League teams, they play with 10 players on their teams. 

Paul Goldschmidt is sometimes referred to as the best first baseman. He plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks and that is not a big market team, as it is argued. Goldy (nickname for Goldschmidt) is a very good player. Since the Diamondbacks were not a very productive team in 2016, pitching around Goldy wasn’t necessary. The Diamonbacks pitching was allow 4 or 5 runs a game. Pitching to Goldy with even a runner on base wasn’t going to win or lose a game for their opponents. Before you comeback with your agreement that the Atlanta Braves were just as bad if not worse, your point is noted and valid. Watching every singles Braves game this season, yes Freeman went through a slump early in the season. Look at Freeman’s numbers since the All Star Break. 

Anthony Rizzo plays for the Chicago Cubs who are having a great season. Rizzo’s name is often in sports articles and yes he has been productive in the playoffs in 2016. The Cubs are only one lose away from their 2016 season being over. As of Monday October 31st, a lose tomorrow will have the Cleveland Indians fans dancing in the streets with their first World Series title on over 60 years. Well done indeed. Rizzo’s name might not be  mentioned as much this season if he was on a smaller market team like the Milwaukee Brewers. Again, that’s a personal opinion. Joey Votto of the Cincinatti Reds is a power hitter who had a great season at first. Having power hitters who are capable of getting big hits at the right time are exciting. How is Votto’s base running defense for the Reds? There is a reason his name does not come up in MVP voting, remember that Cincinatti fans.

In closing Freeman’s offensive and defensive numbers in 2016 were unmatched. Yes Freenan does ocaasional  strike out and makes fielding errors. If baseball was perfect then every team would be in the World Series. Maybe it’s because of video games were running and catching fly balls is automatic, it gives a false impression of the real world. Dust gets into players eyes, sun does blinds routine fly balls, and playing in the August heat regardless of where you live in the North America, are blasted hot! So was Freeman in the months of July, August, and September. Look at the statics for the 2016 MLB season and please make your opinion known. I love the Braves and baseball is my passion. Show me your passions and love. Baseball is mine, probably why I’m single. Oh well, baseball never cheated on me or gave me ultimatums. Go Braves!


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