2016 off season, a Braves perspective.

Well maybe I should of called this my perspective. I do not work for the Atlanta Braves, yet. My Facebook page might give the impression I do, but for now I’m just a lifelong Braves fan. Being a sportswriter, I try not to use key words like I, me, or my. This morning I am.                                            What a exciting off season. I thought once baseball season was over, I’d get a break. I guess Braves president John Hart and John Coppella decided my work had just began. I was putting in my total work hours in since the Cubs won the World Series. I have put in between 12-14 hour days since then. With all the rumors and signings, doing the research on players I’m not 100% familiar with doesn’t seem like work maybe. Trust me,  sitting and listening to MLB Network is, and reading profiles on Bartolo Colon takes up a lot of time. Since it was great news about the new players added to the Braves roster, but it was  fun with fun work.                  . …………….                        I’m blessed enough to live close to Atlanta and I get most of the Braves games through my cable provider. I’m possibly moving to Atlanta one day, not sure when but then again working as a sportswriter was a dream. If I want to work for the New York. Times or the AJC one of the prerequisites is having a Bachelor’s degree. It unnecessary if I want to pursue other careers, but for reasons I can not comprehend it is f I want to work for a newspaper. My job isn’t to figure out why, that’s their rules. All I want to do is write about what I love. I love baseball and the Atlanta Braves. This off season I’m learning that while it’s important to support my Braves, learning about other MLB teams and their players is important. I won’t be able to quote statics for the Baltimore Orioles. However maybe 12-14 hours of researching  won’t be necessary. Also rumors are fun, but until there is an official announcement, rumors are only talk. Learning about players rumored to be new Braves players can be heart breaking when there is no deal. That’s why I’m a fan and not a General manager. Being a fan and a writer is much less stressful. Hopefully the Braves will add more players to this  roster. It’s my job to be a fan, and not to expect anything. I’ve learned this the hard way in my personal and baseball life. GO BRAVES!!!!!          


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