Who should the Braves pursue next in free agency?

The Atlanta Braves wanted to sign 3 starting pitchers in free agency, mission accomplished. The Braves also were looking for a catcher according to the reports I’ve heard on the MLB Network. The Braves already have Tyler Flowers and John Recker on their rooster. Both of these players showed their potential power bats in the 2016 season, however a proven position catcher with power will be better.                                                                                                                                                        Let’s not forget that with 3 new starting pitchers in the lineup for 2017, each pitcher will need to find a catcher they are comfortable with behind the plate. Greg Maddux preferred Eddie Perez as his catcher. There was nothing wrong with Javy Lopez catching for Tom Glavine and John Smoltz, but Maddux had Perez catch most of his games. The same will be true with the Braves starters. Although pitchers may feel comfortable with Flowers or Recker, there is no guarantee.                      It is looking very unlikely the Braves will go after Brian McCann. He signed a huge contract with the New York Yankees. Even if the Yankees did trade McCann to the Braves, they are expecting to be compensated. The Yankees probably want a young pitching arm in the Braves farm system. That probably won’t happen.  The one free agent pitcher I’d like to see the Braves go after is Wilson Ramos from the Washington Nationals. He is a great catcher who the Braves can sign and have played against. He would bring a power bat to the Braves roster, and besides being a good catcher having him as  a possible Designinated Hitter would be nice. That sounds great to this Braves fan. Who would you like to see the Braves sign? Message me and let me know. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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