Update on Chris Sale.

While watching the MLB Network this morning, there was very little breaking news to report on Chris Sale. The one storyline that I rolled my eyes at was that now the Washington Nationals are rumored to also be interested in possibly trading for Sale. This is what the Washington Nationals organisation has done since they were the Montreal Expos. They try and duplicate other successful baseball teams, yet they always fall short in their copy cat  plans.                                              As a Atlanta Braves fan, I’ve been dealing with the Montreal/Washington organization since the 1970s. Very little has changed. They had a better record in the 2016 season as the won the National League East. They have great players on their baseball team such as Bryce Harper. Their new interest in accruing Chris Sales as their possible 3rd starting pitcher would be a very difficult thing for teams in the NL East. Can the Nationals offer the Chicago White Soxs an offer they can’t refuse? Of course they can. Would this be a big blow to the Braves and their hopes of trading for Sale? Yes it would. I can almost hear the annoying giggles from the same Nationals team that were defeated in the first round of the 2016 playoffs. It will be interesting to see what happens.      Will Dusty Baker continue to use his players too often as he has done all of his managing  career? Can John Hart and John Coppella offer a more appealing package first? Or is another MLB team ready to get into the mix for Chris Sale also? No one knows for sure, but that’s what makes the MLB off season fun. I was talking with my mom this morning about how my plans for the day included watching MLB Network and writing. She seemed surprised when I told her that I’ve been writing more sense the season ended. All teams in MLB are  making deals and signing free agents. My advice to the Nationals is to keep learning what the Braves are doing. Our system works. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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