Former Braves player Brian McCann is headed to Houston.

It looks the the Houston Astros wanted more left handed bats in their 2017 lineup. Not only did the Astros trade for  McCann, but they also signed Josh Reddick to a 4 year deal. Reddick was  a free agent with a powerful bat and the Astros put their money where their mouth is. The Astros lineup is looking on paper to be one of the best in the American League.                                                     Brian McCann will join his former Braves teammate Evan Gattis in Houston. McCann should be in starting g pitcher, but Gattis catches a good game as well. With the projected Astros  lineup on MLB Network, McCann will be hitting in the 4th spot in the batting order. Gattis is slotted in the number 5 hole. Plus they can alternate the catching and Designated Hitter position.                     Josh Reddick might be hitting third in the Astros line up. The 3, 4, and 5 potential hitters will make an very good Astros lineup even better. The lineups on paper are very exciting to look at for almost every team in MLB. However, numbers and players on paper do not win championships. The players still need managers and coaches to bring their experiences to the clubhouse. The Houston Astros should compete for the AL Pendant, but so are the New York Yankees, Boston Red Soxs, and the Cleveland Indians. It seems like the Atlanta Braves farm system finds and train a lot of the MLB talent, and the bigger money market teams enjoy the benefits. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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