Looking ahead to the Winter meetings for the Braves

The baseball Winter meetings are 2 weeks away. The Atlanta Braves already created a lot of noise in the GM  meetings by signing RA Dickey and Bartolo Colon to one year contracts. John Coppollo, the General Manager of the Braves is still looking to sign another start pitcher or two if possible. 

Chris Sale and Chris Archer are 2 names that seem to be mentioned often in Braves rumors and trading potential. Either of these pitchers would be great additions to the Braves organization. It is very possible the Braves can pressure both options,and that would be fantastic. Both the White Soxs and the Marlins want young pitching arms in potential trades.

Hopefully if a trade is made the Braves would not deplete their farm system. John Hart the president of the Braves won’t let that happen. The Braves want to make a run for the National League East, but this is a step by step process. The Braves are moving into their new ballpark in Cobb county. Generating a lot excitement will need to be a priority. That falls into the hands of John Coppollo, the Braves managers, and coaches.

A new stadium is exciting. I’ve been watching the building process since the groundbreaking. This ballpark will be the envy of baseball with the new additions of cooling seats and shading regardless where you sit in the ballpark.  Yes the new home of the Braves will be exciting, but watching the new lineup of the Braves will be equally as exciting. The stadium will bring people and fans to the ballpark but what will.keep us coming back will be a competitive team. Freddie Freeman, Matt Kemp and Dansby Swanson will lead the offense, and  the pitching will keep the games close. Bring on Spring Training in March, I’m ready. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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