Will the Braves make another move before the Winter meetings?

Again there is no simple yes or no answer to this ambiguous question. The Atlanta Braves made a huge splash at the General Manger’s meetings earlier this month. It was very exciting when the Braves signed Bartolo Colon and R .A. Dickey as their new starting pitchers. I thought this was the start of something big. Whenever emotions take over, it’s difficult to not wanting the excitement to continue.

Luckily Braves president John Hart and G.M. John Coppollo have much cooler heads than I do. There were reports the Braves wanted to possibly trade for Chris Sale, and that just would of been great. If the Braves wanted to show the National League East that they were going to be in contention along with the other 4 teams in the division this would be a way. However trading away some pitchers in the Braves farm system probably was not the best idea. Whenever emotions take over for me, I tend not to think rationally. Thankfully I will never be a G.M. or even president of a MLB team. I’ll stick with writing.

The Winter meetings start on December 5th, less than 2 weeks away. I have zero inside information on what the Braves organization is planning to do. I read the same articles and get the same updates as other Braves fans. Atlanta is less than 3 hours away, but there are no secret signals or sky writings I alone am getting. I’d like to see the Braves sign either Chris Sale or even Chris Archer. Since Christmas is only a little over a month and signing both would be like receiving a Stretch Armstrong toy doll under the tree. A big bat added to the line up would help also. The Braves are not in a situation where they must win now or lose the new stadium. John Hart and John Coppollo want to put together a baseball winning team. Their thinking of how the Braves can and will be competitive for many seasons to come is one of the reasons we are blessed to have them in the Braves front office. If there is any breaking news or signings before the Winter meetings, there will be news right away. I don’t see the Braves making any big deals before then, but again I am no G.M. Patience is a virtue and something I need to work on. Let’s all hope and wish for a great 2017 Atlanta Braves season. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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