There might be a big named pitcher not named Sale or Archer the Braves may trade for.

The Winter meetings are a day closer and so are the rumors and speculations around the Atlanta Braves. Chris Sale or Chris Archer would be great pitchers to add to the starting rotation in Atlanta. Another great addition is currently an Oakland Athletics pitcher, Sonny Gray.

Sonny Gray is a dominating pitcher for the A’s. Chris Sale and Chris Archer are dominating pitchers as well. It would be great to welcome any of the above 3 pitchers to the starting rotation in Atlanta. I’m focusing on Gray for this article. Sale and Archer have both been in the rumor mill this off season as potential trading prospects. Naturally the Braves are not the only team interested in Sale and Archer. Sonny Gray has almost slipped under the radar. Gray has pitched great in Oakland. Billy Beane has done his remarkable job finding great players for the A’s. Gray is not necessarily a big name that immediately grabs headlines like Chris Sale or Chris Archer. 

When I was looking at the statistics for Gray, it was a pleasant surprise. He doesn’t have as much pitching experience as the above name pitchers, but MLB hitters are not hitting the ball or scoring many runs off of Gray either. If the Braves do try to bring on another Starting pitcher or two to Atlanta, they might lose some pitching and hitting prospects in trade. That is the burden of all MLB teams this season. John Hart and John Coppollo could bring in any of the Starting pitchers via trade. Hopefully the president and General Manager of the Braves, Hart and Coppollo respectfully, will not trade away the farm this off season. When the Winter meeting start a week front from Monday, a lot of guesses and questions will be answered. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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