There is no reason the Braves should go all in for Chris Sale.

I’ve written other articles about who they Braves might want to go after in the trading market. Chris Sale of the Chicago White Soxs is a very good and proven big league pitcher. His name seems to be on almost every teams radar, including the Braves. My opinion is let one of the other MLB teams have him.

This opinion might no sit well with some Braves fans but I do have reasons why. The Braves have a very good farm system. It is one of if not the best in baseball. Watching the MLB Network, Hot Stove, and reading many articles on who the Braves might have to trade to get Sale, it’s honestly not worth it. The Washington Nationals are in a very tight time frame to win a pennant or even a World Series. If the Nationals want to deplete their farm system, let them do just that. 

The Braves have a great pitching rotation already. They have at the minimum 4 quality starters. A 5th starter would be ideal. Matt Wisler could  be that pitcher. There are also other great pitching arms ready for their chance  in AAA and AA in the Braves farm system. One of the potential trading packages the White Soxs may want include Matt Wisler, Ozzie Albires, Austin Riley, and Sean Newcomb. That’s a lot of great prospects for one player.

The Braves recently traded for Alex Jackson from the Seattle Mariners on Thanksgiving day. John Hart and John Coppollo surprised even me with the trade. Is this part of a potential trade bait for Chris Sale? It’s possible, but so is the idea that the Braves do not have to go all in 2017.  The New York Mets and the Nationals are division rivals that are building their starting pitcher rotations. The Braves are as well with R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon. The biggest difference is the Braves aren’t spending several  millions of dollars or depleting their farm system doing it. Pitchers and catchers report in late February. Having Chris Sale in the Braves rotation would be nice, but it is best to let John Hart worry about that.GO BRAVES!!!!!


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