Twas the Night Before the Winter Meeting.

This is my attempt at humor and trying to find words that rhyme with the Braves players and needs. I’ll do my best, pinky promise.

Twas the night before the Winter Meeting in Washington and all through Braves universe, Braves fans were hopeful. We would love to end our 2016 jinx some may call a curse.

The Braves won it all in 1995 and that was not rehearsed. After all the division  championships, Braves fans were starting to  feel worse. 

Along came their rivals feeling very proud. They assumed the Braves were down. The fans up North assumed the Braves were done. They had better check themselves, we are moving to Cobb county and so begins the fun.

The Nationals want another pitching arm, they’ll try and get Chris Sale. There will be a bidding war with the Cubs, Astros, and Red Soxs those teams run full stride, the Nationals move like a snail.

Bryce Harper oh how he runs, Stephen Strasburg throws very hard but Dusty Baker is the manager there. He’ll over use his players like he always does, the Nats will look for positives, but won’t find a one.

John Hart and John Coppollo are building the Braves a miraculous team. Freddie Freeman is driving the sleigh, but Brian Snitker will also lead the way. The Braves will return to glory in 2017, Braves fans know what I mean.



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