The Winter meetings, a perspective.

Since Sunday evening at 6:00pm the MLB Network has been on my television almost all day. This is a very exciting event in baseball. The Atlanta Braves Vice President and former General Manager John Schuerholz was inducted to the baseball Hall of Fame, along with former commissioner of baseball Bud Seling. Watching the history of how these men started their baseball careers is extremely interesting. 

The Braves have not made a huge splash like a lot of fans were hoping. It would of been nice to see the Braves trade for Chris Sale but like I’ve stated in other articles I have written , the potential trading potential would of hurt the Braves in the long run. The White Soxs wanted Dansby Swanson as part of the deal, thank you but no thanks Chicago. Please enjoy the hold music as John Hart and John Coppollo consider the possibility. If the hold music ends suddenly with a click and dial tone, you have your answer. The rumors at the Winter meetings are just as bad if not worse than rumors in high school. These are grown men wanting drama on what teams may or may not do. Seriously everyone wants to be the first to report breaking news just please make sure the rumors are a done deal before using Twitter as your soap box.

I saw the interview with the  Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker on Tuesday. I’m normally not a huge fan of Dusty Baker but what he said was very true. He commented that the Chris Sale trade to the Boston Red Soxs was not official just yet. It sounded like  he was trying to grasp at straws ad put a positive spin on the Nationals hope of getting Chris Sale. It sounded more like a false sense of hope. The Winter meetings are taking place right outside of Washington and as of Wednesday morning the Nationals are not making trades and playing as active role as I thought they would. I’m not alone in thinking this either. That seems to be the opinion of different sportswriters and commentators all over baseball. 

The Winter meetings will end tomorrow night, but that doesn’t mean other trades still can not happen. Personally my take is MLB teams want to make big moves why the spotlight is shining bright. There are still trades that will happen. Without mentioning names, there are still big players who might be traded today or possibly tomorrow. There are no guarantees. I love how baseball does their off season. The awards are handed out after the World Series is over and there are events that happen weekly in baseball even without any MLB games being played. I’m a fan of the games that are being played in Mexico and other area’s around the world. The internet is truly a remarkable thing and watching games on my tablet is what I enjoy doing. I’m very excited as a Braves’ fan for the 2017 season to begin. More importantly it’s better to be a fan of just baseball as a whole. I create my own heroes and villains in baseball. Everyone playing baseball, softball, or any sporting event are my true heroes. It’s always fun watching athletes or everyday people enjoy the sports they play. That’s the ultimate goal in life, enjoying the ride. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year as well. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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