The 2016 Winter meetings.

Originally I was going to make a list and write about the winners and losers of the Winter meetings. Then it occurred to me, I’m just a sportswriter. My opinions are my own and while it’s easy to play the role of an armchair baseball guy, the only loser would be me.

It’s very easy for fans to spend money that isn’t theirs. Making potential trades and giving up minor league players seems simple enough. If the Atlanta Braves traded Dansby Swanson and other minor league pitching prospects, we could have traded for Chris Sale during the last few days. The transaction would of been simple enough, but is adding a starting pitcher worth giving up your future? The Braves said no, the Boston Red Soxs said yes. Not every young prospect in the minor leagues works out. It’s ax50/50 chance. They will or they won’t. There is no third option

When the Washington Nationals made a trade for a proven hitter and fielder on Wednesday, and they gave the Chicago White Soxs the number one pitching prospect and other prospects how foolish I thought. Again what makes my opinion of what other baseball teams do any better than your opinion? The Nationals had a whole in their outfield that needed to be filled. I remember watching the best pitching prospect throw last year and to be quite honest, I wasn’t overwhelming impressed. I guess the Nationals pitching coaches weren’t either. It does take time and coaching to develop young arms and bats. Maybe the Nationals pulled the plug too early on their prospect, but no one really knows. 

Then I had the opinion that the teams who did nothing at the meetings were the losers but again, who am I to make such an arrogant statement? All teams in Major League Baseball are doing their best to put a baseball team on the field that will compete for the 2017 World Series title. Only one team can be the winner, the rest of the teams in MLB will try again for the 2018 season. Baseball is the greatest game in sports but in my final analysis, who am I to say? Good bye 2017 Winter meetings, we will see you again next year. 


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