The Braves sign Emilio Bonifacio to a minor league contract.

The Atlanta Braves have signed Emilio Bonifacio to a contract for the third time in 366 days. The Braves originally signed Bonifacio back in early April of 2016.

The Braves original plan was to activate Bonifacio on April 29th. However the Braves overlooked a rule that prevented him from being called up within 30 days after signing a minor league contract. The Braves could not bring him to the major league level, and they signed him to AAA Gwinnett. 

This rule does not apply much since signing a player to a contract and bringing him up so quickly from the minors to the major league does not happen very often. Watching Bonifacio during the limited time he spent in Atlanta, he was an exciting player to watch. His speed on the bases was extremely impressive. He also made contact at the plate and he could turn routine singles into doubles. His speed on the bases was fun to watch and he went into the bases hard.

His numbers in AAA Gwinnett were very good. His average was .298 but the statistic that should get Braves fan excited is his OPS was .725. For those who are unfamiliar with what OPS means, it’s on base plus slugging. This average plays a part in determining on how often a player gets on base, and the power he shows at the plate. Any OPS average over .500 is considered good when looking at statistics in baseball. With an OPS well exceeding .500 you can see why the Braves want Emilio Bonifacio in the organization in some way. The Braves might want to some way make a bench spot for Bonifacio. Spring training is where jobs in the major league level are earned. Numbers can be impressive but the baseball players still need to show the coaches and managers how good they really are. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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