A weekend without Braves baseball

It is Sunday mid December and the holidays are rapidly approaching. It is only 2 weeks until Christmas and that is one of my favorite holidays. I love the way my house looks and smells but there is something missing, baseball.

I’m doing my best to try enjoy NFL games to help pass the time. This sport honestly bores me. I watch it sporadically  to keep up with my fantasy football numbers and leagues, but this game does not excite me. It used to be very exciting for my friends and I. We would spend all day Sunday having a few beers, watching the games, and of course talking smack about other teams. I was the biggest San Francisco 49ers fans there was. I had the shirts, hats, and sweatshirts to prove it. 

I moved to Georgia 6 years ago, but I was still loyal to the 49ers. I even found friends in Georgia who were also 49ers fans. Slowly every NFL season I lost less and less interest in not only the NFL but the 49ers as well. This was the deep South and even though there are plenty of football fans, finding 49er fans was rare. The biggest sport in Georgia seemed to be baseball. Atlanta Braves fans are everywhere. That makes me very happy since the Braves have been my favorite team since birth. Both my mom and dad are from Georgia so I guess you can say I have  Braves DNA in my blood. I wonder if that actually exists, Braves DNA? That would be interesting to actually research one day, but it won’t be this day.

It seems like there has been plenty of Braves news to report and write about since the 2016 season ended for the Braves. There is the new ballpark in Cobb county, SunTrust park. Heck, I even called to inquire how much an apartment would be per month next to the new ballpark. It was in my budget range, but I think I have something else in mind. The MLB Network has been wonderful with all the baseball news, the highlights of the 2016 season, and the different baseball movies. After watching Moneyball last night I really miss baseball. More importantly I miss Braves baseball. I did record a few games to my DVR so I can enjoy them during the winter months, but watching a live baseball game is priceless. 

The college baseball season will start in mid January I think but the Bing of a metal bat definitely isn’t the same sound of the crack of a wooden bat. Luckily a family friend has a boyfriend who plays high school baseball. If I can make it until then, it will help suffice my baseball craving. Last year I watched 150 Braves’ games of a 162 season. Only missing 12 games isn’t bad but in 2017, I need to do better. I need to close that 12 game gap. If I move to Atlanta, that will help. I will not get the MLB Innings package, I won’t need it. All the Braves games will be available to watch someway and somehow. A couple of evening games in the Spring will need to be on the agenda as well. I really love the Braves. Before you ask, yes they have loved me back. They are my friends when I feel lonely and there they are. When my dad passed away in August, they slowly brought me back to a routine I could count on. I miss my dad every single day. Baseball was our connection on some days. We’d eat boiled peanuts, pretzels, and grapes. I miss my baseball routine but mostly I miss my dad. Maybe when opening day starts in April I can find the piece of me that I’ve lost this holiday season. 


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