Todd Frazier to the Braves? It could happen. 

When I first considered the possibility, it didn’t seem so improbable. Todd Frazier is currently a Chicago White Soxs player, and as most people who are following baseball know this off season is looking like the White Soxs are trading away their best players for prospects. Th Braves are loaded with prospects and a young generation of players.

Todd Frazier originally was a short stop in college, and he was converted to play in the outfield in Chicago. Frazier is only 31 and he will turn 32 on February 12th. He is by no means a spring chicken but he is still putting up impressive offensive numbers. The Braves outfield seems to be set. But just imagine if Frazier can be a third baseman? Braves fans are very excited about Adonis Garcia at third base, and his speed on the bases mixed with power are both exciting for the Braves team. Rather than speed on the bases the Braves could use more power at the plate. Sure the Braves line-up includes Freddie Freeman, Matt Kemp, and Nick Markakis. All power hitters and Dansby Swanson has also shown signs of power, but Frazier has power and he is a good defensive player as well.

Imagine the Braves line-up including having Freeman, Kemp. Markakis, and Frazier. The Braves have made some veteran signings this off season so John Hart and John Coppollo aren’t timid about trading and signing veteran players. The Braves have great prospects in their farm system. These players just need to develop their skills in the minors before stepping onto the big stage at Sun Trust park. I’m not suggesting that Adonis Garcia is not a great option at 3rd base. I’m only suggesting having a huge trade before the 2017 season might land the Braves the big off season that will make all the teams in the National League East stand up and take notice. The Braves are definitely back into the mix of things in the NL East and getting Frazier into the lineup just might be the missing link the Braves want for Sun Trust Park inaugural season. This is only a possibility but sometimes the best things happen with just a thought. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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