The Braves sign Ender Inciatre to 5 year deal.

The Atlanta Braves have signed Ender Inciatre to a 5 year contract worth $30.525 million dollars with an option for a 6th year.

Inciatre was part of the trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks for Shelby Miller that also included Dansby Swanson. At the time Miller was one of the most popular pitchers in the Braves organization, but the Braves found their new shortstop and center fielder.  To make this trade seem more one sided the Braves also acquired starting pitcher Aaron Blair in the deal. It was a 5 player deal that also included 2 minor league pitchers currently in the Braves farm system.

With all the traded players in 2015 and 2016 looking at the players the Braves received does anyone honestly miss Shelby Miller or Andrelton Simmons? Both of these players were very popular in Atlanta and their trades weren’t very popular. Even I questioned how the Braves could possibly trade away Simmons and his dominate defensive play. Simmons was good at the plate but not outstanding. Dansby Swanson is both. The trades weren’t related necessarily but John Hart and John Coppollo knew exactly what they were doing.
Inciatre made one of the best catches you will ever see in 2016. His speed on the bases makes him an ideal lead off man. Dansby Swanson hitting in the number 2 hole will get runners on base so Freddie Freeman, Matt Kemp, and Nick Markakis can drive them in. One of the biggest concerns in 2016 was the lack of offense and run scoring in Atlanta. When the Braves traded for Matt Kemp midseason things started coming together. This off-season the Braves have focused on pitching. They also got some more offensive help as well. The Atlanta Braves seem to be primed for 2017. The National League East will be nothing less than exciting. The front office is making the deals and signing the players to long term contracts. The Braves are not only good, but they will be very good for years to come. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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