Guys guys guys! Spring Training starts next month.



Yes, our long wait for the 2017 Atlanta Braves will end soon. Pitchers and catchers report on February 14, 2017. I find that date extremely ironic since this will be my 13th Valentine’s Day in a row single, but my one love never leaves me the Braves. That is sad about my personal life but extremely exicting in  my professional life. I know I have waited very long for the Braves just as most of the fans around the world. Just 7 more weeks y’all, then  we can start our long traditions with the Braves.

Here are a few key dates if you want to write them on your calander. You already have 2-14-2017 as when pitchers and catchers report.  On 2-18-2017 will be the first workout. The Braves will play the New York  Yankees on 3-31-2017 at Sun Trust Park. On opening day of 4-3-2017 the Braves will play the New York Mets at Shea Stadium. The Braves first official home game of 2017 will be in Atlanta on 4/14/2017. The first pitch at Sun Trust Park is yet to be determined but 7:05pm or  possibly 7:35pm sounds about right.

There is a lot of excitement in Atlanta right now. Not only are the Atlanta Falcons going to the NFL play offs, but the Atlanta Hawks are playing great in the NBA. Both professional football and basketball are fine sports, but they are not my cup  of tea. There is also a soccer team in Atlanta also, but I’d rather stay focused on the Braves, odviously. I’ve been reading articles lately comparing Dansby Swanson to Derek Jeter. Swanson does have the tools to be as successful as Jeter but it might be premature to make that comparison. Let’s try to keep in mind that Swanson has only been playing at the major league level for a few months. The Braves also found their new center fielder in Ender Inciatre and signed him to a new 5 year contract. Finding our future short stop and center fielder for Shelby Miller doesn’t seem like such a bad trade now does it?

I think we as Braves fans should have a short memory about former players traded and focus more on what John Hart and John Coppolla are trading for. 2017 will be a great season for the Braves, but winning for many years to come like in the 1990s sounds better. the rumblings start and the barber shop debates begin. God willing the Atlanta Braves will return to our winning ways. 














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