Possible reasons veteran players do not want to play for the Braves

Maybe I should have called this article why doesn’t Brandon Phillips want to play in Atlanta. When I first read the article saying Brandon Phiilips of the Cincinatti Reds blocked a possible trade to Atlanta in October of 2016, I was almost appauled. How can an aging player who still has a few good seasons in his career not want to play for the Braves? After thinking about this question for a couple of days, the answer hit me. The Braves organization is not all that and a bag of Cool Ranch.


This may sound like an outrageous thing to say and I still have problems with me writing it. I love the Atlanta Braves, and I just can’t understand why the rest of the country doesn’t. How dare you support another team I say to myself when I meet a new friend when I ask them their favorite team.  Yes the world does revolve around the sun, it does not revolve around me or dare I say the Braves? I’d give anything to live in Cobb county right next to Sun Trust Park with season tickets to the Braves, but there are those people even in my own family who could care less about the Braves or their new stadium. The nerve of those Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals supporting fans! Wasn’t there an agreement to love the Braves if the last name Mobley is any part of your life? I am only half serious of course and maybe looking for a few smiles in the process, but I know in my heart that other fans of baseball love their teams as much as I love the Braves.


Taking my personal feelings out of the equation, not all baseball players long to play for the Braves. The Braves organization is a great one to play for but looking at the history of the Atlanta Braves, very few players start and finish their baseball careers as a Braves player. In looking back over the years, I can think of only one player who finished their career with the Braves they played for since being a rookie, Chipper Jones. I was never even a huge fan of Chipper, but those reasons run deep as I have explained why is other articles I have previously written. The Braves want to use players as long as they benefit the Braves. There is nothing special about being a member of the Braves ring of honor or getting your jersey number retired by the Braves. Yes there is something special about making an impact for the Braves, and I for one as a  fan hold Greg Maddux, John Smotlz, and Tom Glavine in the highest regards. All 3 of these players did not play their entire careers with theBraves. Other MLB players and coaches know this. It is no secret, maybe Brandon Phillips wants to finish his career with the Reds. No one wants to be used in life or in sports. It would  be  nice to finish your baseball career with a World Series ring, but it is foolish and arrogant to think the Braves will give you as a player or a fan that choice. Baseball is  162 games, injuries happen and trades are  made. Playing for the Braves might be my dream, but there are billions of people with dreams. Let’s keep on waiting for Spring  training,  we will not have to endure this football nonsense much longer, they are having their play offs. Batter up! GO BRAVES!!!!!


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