Would you rather have Chris Archer or Jose Quintana in Atlanta?

Before you answer the question above with both, neither are coming to the Braves today. I might want to repharse that statement if John Hart and John Coppolla decide to sign either one in the next few hours. It’s possible, but so is the likely hood of finding $200 in my back pocket accidentally.  The possibility of the Braves making a trade for either of these starting pitchers is very real, or starting catcher Matt Wieters may end up with the Braves also.

Now that the college football season is over, the audience for baseball will grow. Fans all over the world who love their football still have the NFL playoffs to look forward to, but quite honestly I watched all 4 Wildcard games this weekend and they were boring. I took  off from a book as I was reading and devoted both days to watching the games. Unless I was a diehard fan of the teams playing,  I lost interest very quick. All the games were boring and even listening to the games became a challange. Thankfully I have 3 different screens I can watch different shows on. I caught up on my DVR recordings and even finished watching Casablanca which was on my bucket list of movies to watch. I do not see how fans of American football can watch such boring games. Then I started researching baseball transactions and different trade scenarios and that gave me a much needed shot of excitement.

Baseball rules in the South. Other sport fans can argue all they want, but let me suggest this. The next time you are in a large group looks around and see if more people are wearing baseball caps or different hats of their favorite football teams. This is a no brainer for me since I live in South Carolina and the Atlanta Braves rule here. There are other MLB teams in Florida. So unless MLB adopts a Carolina team like the NFL did with the Carolina Panthers, the Braves fan base will not be challenged. The city of Atlanta is huge, if you need to be convinced stay a weekend in the big A. The Braves are the talk of the town and want the sport’s headlines. Clemson will be on the front pages for the next several days. When the excitement fads, the Atlanta Braves will reclaim their sport supremacy. Expect another big trade or free agent signing soon. There is a lot of competition for news in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. NFL playoffs and new president elects will dominate the headlines in January. Get ready for baseball and the Braves in the Spring. They will be here before you know it. GO BRAVES!!!!!



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