Why Freddie Freeman playing for the Canadian team in WBC is quite honorable.

When I heard  the  news earlier this week that Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves would be playing for the Canadian team in the World Baseball Classic, I was a bit surprised. I am a huge fan  of Freeman as I have tried to make it very clear in almost every Braves article I have ever written when it is appropriate. I knew only the basics of Freeman, but I knew most than the average Braves fan. He was born in California, that much I knew, not Canada. Why would he play for the Canadian team instead of the United States team? Instead of assuming I did something I wish more people would do when they hear news, I researched the reason.

Yes Freddie Freeman was born in Fountain Valley California, not in Canada. I was also born in California, but Northern California. That has absolutely nothing to do with anything but being born in the same state as my favorite baseball player was something  I could hang my head up higher about when I debate or discuss baseball with anyone. Getting back to Freddie Freeman now, both of his parents were born and raised in Canada but this story has much more to do with Freddie Freeman’s love for his mother and the rest of his family. When his mother, Rosemary Freeman, passed away in June of 2000 due to melanona (skin cancer,) his father Fred Freeman was now the only parent to raise Freddie and his older brother Phillip Freeman. The 3 Freeman men often had a diet of fastfood that later would contribute to Fred Freeman’s health declining.  In fact one evening Fred had complained to his sons that he was not feeling well, and the brothers made their father seek treatment that night. It was later learned that if Fred Freeman did not go to the hospital that night, he would of died in his sleep.

My father passed away in August of this year after also battling cancer. I rarely eat out now and I have given up drinking to honor my father. It is true that my dad did not pass away from drinking, but in my mind this is something I could do to honor him and have my dad’s legacy live on. Freddie Freeman playing for the Canadian team in the WBC is his way of honoring his mother. Does this mean that Freddie is turning his back on the United States by playing for the Canadian team? Absolutely not, and anyone who would even suggest a thing is extremely ignorant and needs to invest a bit of time researching. It is natural to react without thinking,  I’ve been known to do this often. Freddie Freeman honoring his mother, who would not let his little league coaches have Freeman bat from the right side of the plate, is something I wish more people would do. Honoring their parents instead of doing what others want. This is just another reason why I am a huge Atlanta Braves and Freddie Freeman fan. They have character. GO BRAVES!!!!!



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