There will never be another 1990s Braves team.

Yes Braves fans this is very true. I know a lot of Atlanta Braves fans will not or do not want to believe this. Since the Braves started their winning 14 straight division titles in 1991, most Braves fans bar is set very high. Mine included, just winning 1 World Series almost seems ironic over that time period. However looking at other MLB teams who have never won a World Series title, we should feel very blessed with we can always remember the 1995 team and savor those memories.

Trying to return to that time is a great goal to set. There will never be another John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, and the list goes on and on. Winning is the goal of all 32 MLB teams. Billion and billions are spent on player’s salaries to make this happen. Reading baseball articles is what I love to do. It doesn’t matter that baseball games aren’t on my TVs for the majority of the day. I love this game and I’ve tried to make that abundantly clear. I think I’ve proven that point if no other. When I was reading an article this morning on a minor league pitcher in the Braves farm system, I was excited. This pitcher may make his big league debut in 2017. I even shared this article on my Twitter page for other Braves fans to enjoy. Yes the Super Bowl is less than 3 weeks away but I got my shot of adrenalin when I double checked my wall calender and the Braves Spring training was a month away. It’s almost that time for my daily baseball articles to start again, but I’m excited. Watching baseball from 1pm to 11pm is what I love doing. I’m eagerly awaiting the first pitch of the 2017 baseball season, especially the Braves season.

When I posted the article I previously mentioned, I compared this up and coming southpaw pitcher to Tom Glavine. Then it hit me, there will never be another Tom Glavne. Just like there will never be another John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, or Chipper Jones. There will never be another Bobby Cox either. Rather than comparing potential ball players to those players who came before them, maybe we can relish in the moment. Freddie Freeman is my current favorite player and rather than trying  to compare him to Dale Murphy, I need to come to the inevitable conclusion they are completely different players and played in different times. Watching the Atlanta Braves dominate throughout the 1990s and early 2000s will never happen again. Maybe I can just live in the moment and enjoy watching the sport I love, baseball. It’s not fair or realistic to look for another great player or teams. Let’s let the circle become complete with high expectations. I’d love to see the Braves win it all in 2017. If they don’t, I’ll still love them the same in 2018 and beyond. This being said, GO BRAVES!!!!!


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