Former Braves play Fred McGriff does not get into the Hall of Fame in 2017.

Unfortunately, former Braves star 1st baseman Fred McGriff did not receive enough votes to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. McGriff is in the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame, but his entrance there has no bearings in the H.O.F. in Cooperstown,  New York. Former Braves All-Star Dale Murphy is also not in the H.O.F. in Cooperstown, but realistically does it even matter?

Whenever a new class of players is selected to the H.O.F. it seems like a lot of the focus is who did not get into the H.O.F. The H.O.F. is a place for all the former great players of baseball to be a part of selective organization. I once was listening to a sports talk show host make a very legitimate argument, it’s called the Hall Of Fame not the Hall Of Pretty Good. I was offended at his remark, but he grouped Dale Murphy in his group of potential players. A couple of years later, I can look back and realize it was a valid point.

 When my son, nephews, and nieces were visiting this past Summer, I mentioned how upset I was that Dale Murphy was not in the H.O.F. All of them looked at me dumbfounded. They had no idea who he was. I was slightly outraged since Dale Murphy is my all time favorite baseball player, hands down. When the talked about baseball players they knew the big name baseball players came out. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, and others came out. In my world, largely Atlanta Braves based, Murphy is in Cooperstown without argument. The H.O.F.. committee could care less what my opinion is. Fred McGriff may fall into that same hole. My favorite team and players don’t register with every baseball fan in the world, I’m sad to say. 

Then this morning when the 3 new inductees names were announced I was very happy for them. Another former Braves player did not get enough votes to get in this year, but Trevor Hoffman should get into the 2018 class. Also next year 2 former Braves players will be on the ballot for the first time, Andruw Jones and Chipper Jones. Chipper Jones will get in on the first ballot with very little argument. Andruw Jones should be going in also along with Trevor Hoffman. It’s a little premature to be talking about the 2018 H.O.F. class inductees but this could be potentially huge for the Braves organization. Looking at all the pleasant memories I have of the Atlanta Braves, does it matter that all of my favorite players aren’t in the H.O.F.? No it does not. I can argue with baseball fans until I’m blue in the face. It’s my opinion and that will never change. Congratulations to the New Baseball Hall Of Fame class of 2017. I wish the list included Trevor Hoffman and Fred McGriff, but like everything in my life I don’t get, I’ll get over it. Spring training for a lot of MLB teams start on February 13th, that is something to look forward to. We will discuss the 2018 Baseball Hall Of Fame class this time next year. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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