The trade that almost wasn’t.

Last evening me and my fellow writers at SportNews Magazine were chatting about sports headlines and different articles. Someone, and I don’t remember who, made a comment that the Atlanta Braves had made a trade with the Minnesota Twins for Brian Dozier. It was exciting news, but in the end it was only a joke but it made me wonder also. Why would the Braves trade for a 2nd baseman?

The Braves are stockpiled with 2nd base players. In fact I was reading an article on MLB Network about how the Braves organization currently have 2 players at 2nd that are very close to playing permanently in the big leagues. Ozzie Albies was a hot shortstop prospect, but he is making the move to 2nd base so he and Dansby Swanson can make for a great infield combination. Also on the list is Travis Demeritte. He is a power hitter but his strike outs might be too high, but he has cut down on his strikeouts in the Winter league. Demeritte might be moved to play 3rd base, but that will happen over time. It has a lot to do with the Braves needs at 3rd.

I’m not trying to suggest that if a trade was made for Brian Dozier I wouldn’t be very excited. I don’t necessarily see the Braves organization trading away prospects for a big and proven player at 2nd base. The thought was fun though. I almost had to stop massaging my girl friend, notice the space, but in the end the possible trade didn’t happen. I’m not sure what John Hart and John Coppollo have in store before Spring training that starts on February 13th but having almost trade talks is fun. So whoever posted that last night in our chat room, thank you. It made me do a lot of investing and I thought my phone was off since I’m supposed to get text alerts of all Braves off seasons moves. The 2017 Atlanta Braves will be awesome, and we are just weeks away from Spring training. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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