Braves claim power hitter Adam Young off of waivers from the Orioles.

On Thursday afternoon the Atlanta Braves  signed Adam Walker off waivers from the Baltimore Orioles. The Braves are the 4th team to have Walker on their team this off season. Under the collective bargaining agreement, teams only have 7 days to either sign  a player to their roster or send them to their minor league system. Also on Thursday the Braves lost catcher Tuffy Gosewisch to the Seattle Mariners under the same collective bargaining agreement. Earlier this week when the Braves signed Kurt Suzuki, there was not a spot for Gosewisch, and like the Orioles the Braves were unsure where to Gosewisch in their organization.

Adam Walker was a 2nd round draft pick with the Minnesota Twins. Walker plays in the outfield, but the power he has at the plate makes him a very attractive player to MLB teams. The front office decided to take a risk with Walker and claimed him off the waiver wire yesterday. Walker has hit for over 25 home runs in 4 seasons since coming into the minor leagues. Adam Walker has enjoyed success at the major league level also. Despite the power at the plate, Walker does tend to strike out more than he walks at the plate. This is something the Braves coaches hope to correct with Walker at the minor league or at the major league level. The Braves outfield is set with Matt Kemp, Aldonis Garcia, and NIck Markakis. Having power hitters like Walker can prove to be very beneficial. Last year the Atlanta Braves dealt with injuries for practically the entire season. If Walker gets his opportunity to showcase his power with the Braves, it will be on him to prove he belongs in the major leagues.

The MLB rules worked in the Braves favor for landing Walker, but they were counter productive at the same time with losing Gosewisch. Teams only have 7 days to decide where a player will fit in their organization. The Braves already have 3 catchers waiting to earn their spot on the team with Kurt Suzuki, Tyler Flowers, and Anthony Recker. Tuffy Gosewisch was not indispensable, but he would of had a hard time making the Braves final 40 man roster in April. Adam Walker has his opportunity to impress the Braves coaches and fans. He would be a welcomed teammate in Atlanta and Spring training will be his opportunity. Having another power bat available off the bench is exciting. Adam Walker will get his chance with the Braves. It’s going to be an exciting season. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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