Watching baseball documentaries on a Sunday morning.

This is one of the worst parts of the year for me. NFL is just about done, and there is a 1 month gap before Spring training games. Yes Spring training starts in a couple of weeks, but the actual games do not. I’ll be entertained watching MLB Network all day long, but I usually do. If there is not a station on television that has nothing but Braves baseball news and updates 24/7 then I think I’ve found my new goal in life. After writing pretty much exclusively about the Braves since October, there is an audience for it. Numbers don’t lie, and with every article that we write on Always is read by at least 14 people. We just are a small magazine that promotes on Twitter and Facebook. The audience is there. 

Since now there are close to over 1,000 channels on cable, an all Braves station can work. Thank God for MLB Network and their station. It’s nice watching what other teams are doing in baseball, but if I was completely honest I don’t really care about the American League Central and how their teams are improving. Having access to the Braves 24/7is my station that will rarely be changed. Like I’ve said before I have some 2016 games recorded to my DVR that I can watch over and over but I already know the final score. Maybe a webcam at SunTrust ball park would be fine, but news, rumors and former Braves will be better. I’ve seen YouTube videos of workouts of different baseball players, and depending on who it is I really don’t care. I know Matt Kemp was supposed to be on a workout regiment this off season, so maybe his progress not Bryce Harper dead lifting 525 lbs. I wonder if Freddie Freeman would be annoyed of having a camera during his morning jogs and workouts? I’m sure he would and I’m only half serious about watching a man run down a street at 5am for a couple of hours. 

Watching Ken Burns Baseball documentaries is fun, and it’s a great insight into the history of the game. Watching how much Ty Cobb was disliked is interesting and who can’t appreciate watching Babe Ruth play? I keep waiting for the parts about the Boston Braves and Henry Aaron. Then there is a great part where they talk about the 1995 season and how the Braves won it all. Maybe a 24/7 cable station can and will happen. I’m sure there are podcasts daily and what not on the Braves, but I’d like another station channel to memorize. Without hesitation I can tell you the MLB Network is 57. The Braves games are usually on Fox Sport South on 538 or 539 depending on scheduling. How amazing would it be if channel 47 was 24/7 Braves to honor Tom Glavine? That costs millions of dollars I don’t have or never will have, but I love the idea. I’m sure there would be license issues and contracts that would prevent every Braves game on one channel, but this idea is better than any Valentine’s day I have had in my 44 years. Oh well it was a nice idea, but ideas can become reality. Can you tell I’m ready for the 2017 Atlanta Braves? I hope you can. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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