Braves utility infielder Sean Rodriguez was involved in a deadly car crash this weekend in Miami.

The Atlanta Braves infielder Sean Rodriguez and his family were involved in a deadly car crash on Saturday. Rodriguez was unharmed but his wife Giselle and two young children were hospitalized and under observation on Sunday. Giselle was in stable condition and their 2 sons were in serious but stable condition.

The accident occurred as a result of a high speed chase. The other driver had lead police in a stolen car and the stolen car crashed into Rodriguez’s SUV. The stolen car burst into flames instantly killing the driver. Sean Rodriguez walked away from the accident unharmed however his wife and children were rushed to the hospital. Further details were unavailable at this time, and the entire Braves organization is worried about the Rodriguez family. This horrible accident has shifted the excitement around Spring training and is focused on what really matters to the Braves organization, the health of their players.

Rodriguez signed a 2 year contract with the Braves this off season and is the probable opening day player at 2nd base for the Braves. It is almost impossible to guess what the mindset will be for Rodriguez and his family at this critical time. It becomes very difficult if not impossible to discuss lineups and hitting rotations at this time . Although Rodriguez was physically unharmed, there is no way of knowing how this weekend’s events will affect his baseball playing abilities. All of my thoughts and prayers are with the Rodriguez family at this time. I’m positive that the entire Braves organization feels the same way. 


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