An update on Sean Rodriguez and his family.

Yesterday morning was a bit of a panic for me when I first heard of Sean Rodriguez and his family being involved in a deadly crash. I assumed the worst as I am sure others did as well. I guess my headline article caught attention but that was not my intention. Yes the accident did have a death involved, but it was not Rodriguez or his family. Any death is tragic in car accidents, and the fact it involved an Atlanta Braves player, makes the incident seem even more tragic. 

Sean Rodriguez and his family were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately accidents happen daily and is a part of life. I was very happy to read this morning on the updates of the Rodriguez family. Giselle Rodriguez, the wife of Sean Rodriguez, had broken her tibia and femur and she will have wrist surgery on Tuesday morning. One of their children who was in critical but stable condition has been released from the hospital. The other child Gogo, the family nickname, is still in the hospital with stitches and a cast. There is no time table on when Gogo will be released but he is in stable condition, no longer serious condition.

Giselle Rodriguez will be released sometime this week after her wrist surgery. Hopefully the family will all be home for the weekend and they can start the healing process together. When the story first broke the Braves organization was and still is concerned with the Rodriguez family. John Coppolella, the General Manager f the Braves, made the statement the Braves only concern was with the health of the Rodriguez family. It appears all will be fine with this accident as far as the physical health of the Rodriguez family. The fact that the driver of the other car that collided with Sean Rodriguez’s SUV died in the crash is very sad. Sean Rodriguez will be happy to have his family home in their home in Miami. It is very nice to see how the entire Braves organization came together at this time.  This whole weekend was very humbling for the Atlanta Braves and MLB. Once the Spring training begins all will seem right with the world. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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