The Braves have 39 projected starters on their 40 man roster, watch out!

  • This is a great time for baseball. Spring training is less than 2 weeks away, and all 32 teams in MLB have pretty much been set. Sure there are holes to fill, but from top to bottom the teams are set. There are no guarantees in baseball as we all know. While it is fun to pick division winners and possible the 2017 World Series match up, I can promise you this, no  one knows.
  • After following the Atlanta Braves as close as I do something occurred to me and other writers who follow the Braves. There is a roster spot not quite filled. If the Braves decide to go with a 4 man bench. Another pitcher can be added or the Braves front office probably have something in mind to blow the hair back of the Braves fans. This is Super Bowl weekend as we all know. The Braves do not want to take the focus of the Atlanta Falcons. However don’t be shocked if Monday night the Braves announce a huge trade or free agent signing. I’ve read many rumors on the wire page for several different baseball sites. A big name infielder from the American League might be moving down South, so be prepared. John Hart and John Coppolella are not waiting for the 2018 season like the MLB Network suggests, they want the first season in SunTrust park to be very memorable.
  • So with the new ballpark ready to go in Cobb county, the Braves fans are getting what they wanted . A new location and a new, young team to go along with it. Will the 2017. Atlanta Braves return to their glory days of the early 90s and the new millennium? I certainly hope so, the Braves have not thrown money into the wind. They are much more conservative with their payroll and have abandoned their old gambles on players who did not fit into the Braves organization. It’s only a matter of days Braves fans. Our patience will pay off, and it’s a fantastical time to be an Atlanta Braves fan. Fantastical is more of magical word for all of those that don’t know. The Braves can use some magic and leaders to step up in the clubhouse. And now it’s off to the races. I’m ready for Julio Teheran to pitch for the Braves on April 3rd. GO BRAVES!!!!!

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