If I were a betting man, I’d take the over on the Braves odds.

Yesterday the Atlantic Sports Book released their odds on the total wins for MLB teams. Since I don’t bet on sports I didn’t give the odds much of a look. While I was watching MLB Network, they were discussing the odds, I guess there wasn’t much baseball news to report so the odds were being discussed. When they discussed the NL East I paid attention. According to the odds the Atlanta Braves are projected to win 79.5 games in 2017.

I was a bit surprised. I do not assume the Braves will the World Series, I only hope they do. But for the Braves to finish below.500  with a new ballpark and the players they have added seems like a smack in the face. The Braves were one of the best teams in baseball from August on of 2016. The Braves have not lost any of the key players from this team. During this off season they added pitching depth and have signed a couple of position players. The Braves were also projected to finish dead last in the NL East. 

Maybe I’m just a homer or I have blinders on, but there is no way the Braves are the worst team in the NL East. I will not suggest who I think is the worst team in the NL East, but I can guarantee you it’s not the Braves. Like the title of this article suggests if I were a betting man,I’d put my money on the Braves winning more than 79.5 games. For argument sakes I will not play the odds and the Braves will win over 80 games. Gambling on sports isn’t my thing but on occasion I will make a friendly bet. I probably will make a bracket for March Madness, but if I decide to put money on it, it will be with friends and for a very small amount. If I lived in Nevada I’d lay down $10 on the Braves winning over 80 games. Too bad gambling isn’t my thing. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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