The Braves, Serendipity, and passion.

This is more of a personal story about me and my life. If you’re looking for an update on the Atlanta Braves, you will not find it here. Last year at this time I started writing for Sport News Magazine. I found my passion for baseball in writing, and my friend Zack took a chance on me and my limited writing experience. With writing I found my passion and writing pretty much exclusively about the Braves, I thought I found my happily ever after. Not so fast Matt.

I was watching the movie Ghost of Girlfriends Past this morning. It’s a very good movie and if you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it. Matthew McConaughey is in it, alright alright alright alright. Sorry I couldn’t resist. I actually cried which I usually don’t do over movies. I didn’t cry because of the movie plot since I’ve seen it before. When towards the end of the movie when he sees how empty his life is unless you share it with someone you love unconditionally. Yes I have my family who I love very much and that’s not the type of love I’m speaking of. Since it’s Valentine’s day season, yes I know it’s not an actual season, but I think everyone knows what I mean. I promised myself again this year I would under no circumstances have a Valentine. Then when I convinced myself that this year would be Valentineless again, serendipity came to my Facebook page. 

  • For those of you who don’t know what serendipity is it’s an unfortunate accident. Shelby is no accident, we have known each other for awhile. Once Upon a Time brought us together as friends but that was it, so I thought. While I was watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, I started thinking about how much my life has changed. Another great movie I can and have recommended is Serendipity. I saw that movie accidentally years and years ago. I’ve seen it probably 100 times since. Through watching Serendipity I found that I could be a writer as a career. Unfortunately you need a degree to be a writer for the New York Times or the Atlanta Journal Constitution. But I finally found my passion in writing. 
  • I try to be very passionate in everything I write, even if it is only about baseball. Throwing myself into writing has helped, but like I have been told many times before, I’ll meet someone when I least expect it. I wasn’t looking for a Valentine but something just clicked with Shelby. So yes in 2017 I do have a Valentine when I wasn’t looking. If things continue after Tuesday is yet to be determined. Much like baseball there are no guarantees, but maybe instead of trying to control things I can let fate decide. I’m optimistic and this is exciting but I’m in no hurry. Hopefully I will not chase her away, but I don’t plan on sharing this on Facebook. Only on Twitter and Google Plus. So I can love baseball all I want and yes I did find my passion for it but Shelby might love me one day. I might love her also one day, but again I’m in no hurry. GO BRAVES!!!!!

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