Guys guys guys the Braves have traded for Brandon Phillips!

Now the trade is official. The Atlanta Braves have traded with the Cincinnati Reds for 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips. The story broke on Saturday evening, but the trade was official on Sunday morning. The Braves are sending 2 minor league pitchers to Cincinnati. This trade happened today despite Phillips blocking a trade to the Braves in November of 2016.

The Atlanta Braves have been looking to acquire Brandon Phillips for years. Phillips had a no trade clause in his contract. Phillips has finally agreed to the trade, and the Reds will pay his $14 million dollars for the final year of his contract. At the end of 2017 Phillips will be an unrestricted free agent. Todd Phillips is a 3 time all star with the Reds and now he is bringing his talents to Atlanta.

The Atlanta Braves had hoped that Sean Rodriguez would be their everyday 2nd baseman, however when Rodriguez was in an automobile accident, he apparently hurt his shoulder. Rodriguez did not require hospitalization but he may have lingering issues with his shoulder. Ken Rosenthal of the MLB Network has reported that Rodriguez may miss 3 to 5 months if surgery is needed. John Hart and John Coppolella aren’t willing to take the risk, so the trade for Phillips became a priority. 

Spring training begins on Wednesday in Florida for the Braves and now their starting line-up is complete with Brandon Phillips playing 2nd base. Remember last week when I pointed out the Braves had 39 spots on their 40 man roster? With Todd Phillips bringing his skills and leadership to the Braves, this team looks amazing. I’ll write an article tomorrow showing the projected line-up in Atlanta, but first this great news needs to sink in. God is good all the time, and how appropriate is it this trade was made official on Sunday? GO BRAVES!!!!!


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