John Smoltz thinks the Braves are a.500 ball team and so do I, but…..

As we all know today is Valentine’s day. Or as a lot of us who are single, our attitudes are it’s just Tuesday. I’m not suggesting I am anti Valentine or anything and I will not go around singing Love Stinks, that attitude for lack of a better word sucks. I’m not unlovable or voodoo cursed, I just am enjoying my singleness. I’m in love with baseball and the Braves. I think that is quite obvious, but I do have other hobbies outside of baseball. With the Atlanta Braves Spring training starting tomorrow, my other hobbies are on the back burner.

Waking up to MLB Network is what I do. After my daily bible reading, quiet time, and making of the coffee my next priority is turning on the MLB Network. I do not watch MLB tonight in the evening. I watch the replay at 6am. John Smoltz is one of the host and he is extremely educated and well spoken when it comes to baseball. Yes he did pitch for the Braves, and he is my 2nd favorite Braves player of all time behind Dale Murphy. They were discussing this weekend’s baseball transactions and they were talking about how the Braves traded for Brandon Phillips for 2 minor leaguers. Smoltz liked the move and he discussed how the Braves are bringing in veteran players to help the Braves line up since some of their young talent hasn’t evolved as quickly as the Braves organization had hoped. John Smoltz said the Braves are a.500 team or better baseball team, and I absolutely agree.

Where my opinion differs is I see the Braves playing above.500 baseball and challenging for the National League East title. Most of the talk around baseball is that the Washington Nationals or the New York Mets will win the NL East, and I have to laugh. The Braves have owned the Mets for years despite if they are playing in Atlanta or New York. The Nationals are good and they might challenge the Braves, but towards the end of the 2016 season the Braves had their way with the Nationals. Pitching will be key and the team with the better bullpen will win the NL East. Opinions are different and my opinion is no better than yours. I’m very excited about the 2017 season and listening and reading about baseball for months is coming to an end. I’ll still read and write plenty about baseball and the Braves, but now I can watch the games. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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