Sean Rodriguez to miss the 2017 season after shoulder surgery.

Yesterday the Atlanta Braves announced that infielder Sean Rodriguez is out indefinitely after surgery to repair a torn muscle in his shoulder. Rodriguez was involved in a deadly traffic accident recently that killed the driver of the other vehicle in Miami. His wife Giselle Rodriguez broke her leg and a few ribs, and 2 of their children were hospitalized with undisclosed injuries. Sean Rodriguez did not require hospitalization, however an MRI  reviled his shoulder injury required surgery.

Sean Rodriguez signed a two year deal with the Braves this off season. He probably would have been the every day 2nd baseman for the Braves. When this accident happened earlier this month Rodriguez only complained of a nagging shoulder soreness. It turns out that his muscle tear was the reason for his soreness. Rodriguez is an athlete and keeps himself in very good physical shape. Most if not all baseball players in MLB keep themselves in top condition for a 162 game season. Muscle pulls and soreness are part of the game. When I was in better physical condition when I was younger, I ignored small injuries like twisting my ankle or soreness after lifting weights. This obviously is completely different. Most athletes play through pain, that is in their character. I remember watching Kurt Schilling pitching with an ankle injury that was so severe it caused blood. The television cameras kept focusing on the bloody sock, which was kind of disgusting looking back. That is one good example of athletes playing through pain. I am glad as a baseball fan, that the team doctors and trainers caught this injury before the Braves started Spring training. 

As it is well known in the Braves organization and fan base, the Braves made a trade with the Cincinnati Reds for Brandon Phillips. Phillips will now be the everyday 2nd baseman for the Braves. As happy and excited I am for the Braves acquiring Brandon Phillips, it is a bitter sweet celebration. I’m a fan of baseball first before I am a Braves fan. Hearing about Sean Rodriguez missing the 2017 season put a dark cloud on the Braves Spring training yesterday. I am thankful above all else that Rodriguez didn’t tear his shoulder muscle further in the throwing drills. Just like last season I hated watching Bryce Harper try and play through injuries like Freddie Freeman did in 2015. Enjoy the 2017 Atlanta Braves season. I know I will. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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