Picking the National League division champs and the wild cards.

This is where all of my obsession with baseball and reading about the game I love will come into play. I will do my best to be unbiased with my picks. In fact I do not have the Atlanta Braves winning the NL East either. They will be one of the two wild cards though. Let’s get started shall we?

National League East. Great pitching wins championship. The New York Mets have the best starting rotation in the division and I see them winning the division. They don’t have a dynamic offense though and I don’t see them running away with the division. In fact I don’t see them wrapping up the division until the last week of the 2017 season.

National League Central. Just because if I don’t pick the Chicago Cubs I will be hunted down and tarred and feathered. This new Cubs fan base who jumped on the bandwagon last year is too powerful to ignore. The St. Louis Cardinals are in turmoil and the Pittsburgh Pirates can’t decide if they are rebuilding or trying to win with their current roster. The Cubs will win the division and win it pretty easy. They will NOT win back to back World Series though. There will not be fantasy rain delays this year Cubs fans. You had your time, let the next team have their moment.

National League West. This is always one of the most exciting and competitive division in baseball. Last year the Los Angeles Dodgers took the division, but there’s something brewing in San Francisco. I like the San Francisco Giants to win the West this year. Worry not L.A. Dodgers fans, you will also go to the post season as a wild card. The Giants got more offense in the off season and sorry to say Dodgers,  Clayton Kershaw can not be the starting pitcher for every game in September and October.

The wild cards. The Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sure the Washington Nationals and the Colorado Rockies might surprise a few fans, but it’s a 162 game season. There are a number of factors in play, including injuries and coaching decisions. So if you disagree, feel free, just comment below and let me know. I’ll do a similar article on the American League tomorrow.


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