Picking the American League division winners and wild cards

I’ve heard some chatter through the grapevine that the talent of the American League is far better than the National League. That’s nonsense. If the above statement was true then the American League would win each World Series title for years and years, the National League would have no choice but playing with 10 players, I mean a DH for every game. I will not go into if the DH makes baseball better or worse, let’s pick the division winners and wild cards instead.

American League East. The Boston Red Soxs. There should be few doubts about this pick. Sure my friends and colleagues in New York or Toronto will disagree, but to those fans I say, take your emotions and loyalty aside. This is probably the most competitive division in baseball. In fact last season this division always comes down to the last week or day to find the winner. I’ll save my wild card picks for later in this article, but I will say that I don’t think only the Red Soxs are going to the post season from this division.

American League Central. The Cleveland Indians. Yes they were only 3 outs away from a World Series championship trophy last season, but due to circumstances beyond their control, their momentum was taken away from the umpires and rule makers last season. MLB had already crowned last year’s champions in the pre-season and this Indians team would not be allowed to change that. The Indians already ruined David Ortiz’s final season and winning it all would not be allowed in baseball. The Indians are by far the best team in this division. Their off season upgrades only added power to their roster.

American League West. The Oakland Athletics. I like to call them the A’s but that doesn’t fit well in the baseball world. I think the struggles of last season’s team will not happen again. Billy Beane won’t have that. Oakland did not trade away their young players this off season. Rather they are letting their players develop. Yes the Anaheim Angels have spent more money but that doesn’t solve chemistry problems. Having one of if not the best baseball player, Mike Trout, doesn’t seem to help the Angels. They try and build around Trout and bringing in other big name players like Albert Puljois. Again team chemistry is key and their can only be one dominate rooster in a hen house.

The Wild cards. The Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. I told you I wasn’t done with the American League East yet. Having 3 teams from one division will be fun. It will happen again and other American League teams should take notes. It is just not a matter of money either and who spends the most. It’s player development and building teams around positions, not players. 2017 will be exciting. The first pre-season game is at 1pm today on MLB Network. Play ball!


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