Listening rather than watching the Braves.

The title of this article isn’t very inspiring or interesting. I know this, it will also be hard to meet my 300 word minimum, but I’ll do my best. Luckily I always having something to say or comment on about the Atlanta Braves. The first Braves pre season live game on MLB Network will not be televised until March 11th. I cry foul, but very few care about my opinions. 

Instead of enjoying the Braves game on TV, I will have to go old school and listen to the games on the AM radio. There’s a feature I can buy and listen to the games online, but that would be counter productive. I can listen to the games instead and stare at my tablet. Plus the battery power on this Amazon Fire isn’t very good. I’m always using this tablet either writing or researching baseball. Plus I message my girlfriend who is in Tampa throughout the day. No worries she’s a converted Braves fan, and her loyalty to the Tampa Bay Rays was converted. 

I’ve listened to many Braves games on the radio before and I quite enjoy it. Listening to the descriptions of the game is almost like watching it. Listening to talk shows is something I have always enjoyed. In fact I was at one time considering being a talk show host. But again without a 4 year degree, most companies won’t even consider your talents. Nonsense yes, but I have to play by their rules. I did remember listening to the Braves games on the radio was fun, even though this was one voice I found annoying, but out of respect I won’t mention him by name. It will be nice going old school again and now I can look at other things instead. Like watching the game on MLB Network on mute. It’s time to journey back into the past today at 1pm. It is going to be fun though. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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