The Yankees hold off a late inning rally and defeat the Braves 8-7.

Watching the play by play box scores on my tablet had every emotion possible. From excitement to sorrow to realising it’s just a game. A pre-season game at that but watching the virtual playing was exciting. It’s not quite time to throw my emotions in the wind, but this is the New York Yankees. Those damned Yankees as they are known in my very close circle of friends. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate the Yankees but they still have that title. 

The game started with a bad vibe when starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves,  Jamie Garcia, allowed a first inning homerun to Jacoby Ellsbury of the Yankees. It was only 1-0 lead but when you look forward to watching a game all day, an early lead to the opposing team feels like a punch in the stomach. Luckily I was watching a very funny movie on NetFlix that seemed to dull the pain. I did what I’ve done for years watching the Braves lose a game, I looked for excuses. 

It didn’t take me long to find my first justification of the Braves being behind early. Freddie Freeman was not playing and surely if he was in the lineup, the Braves would have taken an early lead. The Braves offense did score 7 runs, but a 7th inning 5 run rally was a little late. Johan Camarao who played both SS and 3rd base hit a 3 run HR in the 7th inning. Then in the 8th inning Adam Walker hit a HR as well. The runs did bring a slight enthusiasm to me, but in the end 7 runs wasn’t enough to get the win. 

Yes it is only a pre-season game but this hit hard on two fronts. The Braves now have a losing record in pre-season (2-3) and did I mention they lost to the Yankees? I wasn’t upset long and today is a new day. The Braves will play the Boston Red Soxs today and last night’s game is gone with the wind. Tonight I will watch virtual baseball again on my tablet, but since the Red Soxs are my favorite American League team, I will not be depressed if the Braves fall behind early. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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