The World Baseball Classic starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day baseball fans. Not opening day in baseball,  but this is a close second. This is the time when countries from all over the world play and compete in baseball. A great universal game for everyone to enjoy. I remember playing baseball with a fire, license plate, and an old oak tree marking the bases. The great thing about baseball is you can play it anywhere. Even in below freezing temperatures, just don’t slip on the ice as you are running the bases.

The round 1 games start tomorrow and don’t worry if your country’s team loses it’s first game. This is not a one and done tournament like March Madness. Your team can lose a game and continue to play. Looking over the different line ups for each country I can safely say there is not one country that has a more dominating roster. Every country has great players some  MLB stars, some with gifted athletes that may or may not be household names, yet. I’m very excited to see the sportsmanship of baseball. Yes MLB pre season has already began, but there is no desire to win each game or play small ball baseball. The way every country plays will be inspiring and expect to see double steals or trying to steal home during the tournament. 

The Olympic games and the World Cup in soccer only happen every 4 years but the Olympics have at least split up the Summer and Winter games to happen every 2 years. Maybe the World Cup in soccer might want to do the same thing someway and somehow. The World Baseball Classic is more competitive this year since players in MLB are getting in their Spring training before April. In fact with the Atlanta Braves, Brian Snitker has allowed Freddie Freeman to play more innings before he starts playing for the Canadian team. Major league teams are all doing this. The fun begins tomorrow on the MLB Network and the champions will be crowned in mid March. Let’s all enjoy the game we love and support all teams. Pick your favorite country of course, but just like in MLB, it’s only grown men playing a child’s game.


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