The Dominican Republic crushes the Canadian team in the World Baseball Classic 9-2.

The Dominican Republic showed why they are one of the favorite teams to go far in the World Baseball Classic. It’s difficult to say if the Dominican team is that good or if the Canadian team is that bad. I’ll make an educated guess and say the Dominican Republic team is indeed that good. Not only did they have shut down pitching from Carlos Martinez, but their defense made it difficult for any hitter to get a routine hit.. Freddie Freeman was robbed of a single after a dynamic diving play by the 3rd baseman. But there is no use crying over spilled milk when it comes to baseball. Nothing is guaranteed. 

Former MLB all star Tony Pena is the manager of the Dominican Republic team and he has put together quite a great team. The offense this team has is very impressive. MLB great Jose Bautista leads the way. He was 3 for 4 at the plate with 4 RBIs. Joey Bats, a nickname he has in the major, hit a towering home run yesterday off of former big leaguer Ryan Dempster who was charged with the loss. Bautista did his usual bat flip and he upstaged Dempster in the batters box watching his homerun and his self praising of his power. The baseball crowd loved it and even though I find it deplorable, Joey Bats wasn’t trying to gain my approval. 

Back in the 2013 World Baseball Classic Fernando Rodney brought along a plantain  rice plant which kind of looks like a banana, but it’s not. The Dominican Republic adopted the slogan Platanap Power which helped their team win the World Baseball Classic. Yesterday’s game had banners supporting Platanap Power, and Fernando Rodney bought along his plastic version of the plant. He wears it at his waist and it is comical and good sportsmanship. The Dominican Republic will play it’s next game against the USA team on Saturday at 6:30pm. The Canadian team will enjoy a day off before it’s next game at noon on Saturday against the Colombian team. 


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