No need to hit the panic button Braves fans.

When I was thinking about what to write this week with Opening day rapidly approaching, calming the Braves fans base seemed like a legitimate reason. Yes the pre-season record is not very good at 6-16. That sounds bad, but in reality it is not. The World Baseball Classic took away several of the Braves starters and pitchers. Freddie Freeman looked great in the first pre-season game I watched live on Sunday.

Freddie Freeman is getting on base if it’s a base hit or a walk. That reminds me a lot of how the 2016 season ended. This lineup will click and Brian Snitker will lead the way. Sure Julio Teheran hasn’t been as dominant as last season but yesterday was his first start after pitching in the World Baseball Classic. He will find his groove before opening day on April 3rd. People take pre-season a little bit too serious. This is the time when managers and coaches try things out and see what does and does not work. Also testing out young players who may have their first experience with big league pitching. 

I made a very bold prediction earlier this year when I picked the Braves to go to the play offs as one of the 2 wild cards in the National League. This organization has the players, coaches, and staff to make this happen. Brian Snitker has been with the Braves for a very long time as a coach and now as the manager. MLB players like playing with him and will play their hearts out for him. I was watching an interview with Freddie Freeman and he had nothing but respect and excitement when speaking of Snitker. Baseball takes talent and leadership. This Braves roster has both. The new stadium in Cobb county is gorgeous and the Atlanta Braves fans expect nothing but the best. Brian Snitker and the Braves do not settle for anything but the absolute best from every player during every game. The Braves farm system is bursting with young talent to make their debut and wear that Braves uniform and create their unique impact on the Atlanta Braves. It’s just down to days now. Get ready Atlanta, the Braves are coming. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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