Julio Teheran shines in opening day loss.

Julio Teheran pitched 6 strong and scoreless innings against the New York Mets. Unfortunately so did his counterpart Noah Syndergrad of the New York Mets. The Mets pitching staff held the Braves offense in check and allowing zero runs scored. The Braves bullpen surrendered 6 runs to the Mets after Teheran’s exit in the 7th inning. The Braves did manage to get a few hits off of Syndergrad, but no runs.

  • The Braves do have some holes in their lineup and those holes were on display in New York. The Braves relief pitching was not as shut down as it had been in the late part of the 2016 Braves team. To add to the drama of yesterday’s loss was Tyler Flowers decision to tag a runner out at home plate from behind the plate instead of in front of the plate. Ender Inciatre made a great throw from center field to home, but Flowers did not make a good tag at the plate. This was the turning point of the game, this missed tag allowed the Mets first run and then the Mets added 5 more runs in their opening day win. While his position where to tag a base runner might be open for discussion, the Braves lack of offense at the plate decided the game.
  • This season I’ve decided to do something different when writing summaries of the Braves games. Last year I gave praise to other teams offense and their players. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I want to keep my focus on the Braves. Julio Teheran pitched a great game, but the Braves offense could not score a single run for Teheran. This is reminiscent of last season. Luckily in the off season the Braves did add some players that might generate more offense. Baseball is a big puzzle and not all the pieces will fit perfectly every game. Yesterday was a good reminder of that. The Braves have a good team and we will compete in our division. Brian Snitker will do his job and figure out what areas need improving. As Braves fans we need to be patient and believe in the process. The Braves will get a day off from playing, but the coaches and players will study game tape and figure out how to improve for the game on Wednesday. We have a great team Braves fans, let’s not throw in the towel after an opening day loss. GO BRAVES!!!!!

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