The Braves loss last night to the Mets 6-2, but…..

Yes the New York Mets won the first series 2 games to 3. They defeated the Atlanta Braves last night 6-2. Jaime Garcia pitched a very good game last night, and once again the lack of offense of the Braves cost them the series. But before I start complaining about the Braves, Matt Kemp had a wonderful night and series in New York.
Last night Matt Kemp hit 2 solo homeruns and he generated all the offense for the Braves. The Braves line up did scatter a few hits other than Kemp’s homeruns. Matt Kemp’s2nd homerun came after an up and in pitch. Rather than shout at the Mets pitcher, Kemp hit a towering 2nd deck homerun for his revenge. On the replay of the Homeric n, you could see Matt talking or rather shouting something. It might of been something to the Mets pitcher or maybe he was just reassuring himself. It did not matter. The Mets had a 4-2 lead and they had the final smile.

I think it’s a bit premature to hit the panic button in Atlanta. Last season the Braves lost 9 straight games to start the 2016 season. That lack luster start for the Braves began an overhaul for not only a new manager, but John Hart, the Braves president had seen enough. Freddy Garcia was let go as manager and Brian Snitker was promoted to manager. The Braves will begin a new series in Pittsburgh tonight with the Pirates. It will be an exciting series with the Braves first test outside of the division. Also yesterday the Braves signed former Philadelphia Phillies 1st baseman Ryan Howard. He will be in AAA before his call up to Atlanta for some much needed power off the bench. Let’s get excited Braves fans. We are adding players to our lineup, and tonight is a new series with new possibilities. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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