The Braves drop the first game to Pittsburgh 5-4.

Yesterday’s game seemed more like a Christmas game. Maybe I’m spoiled with the warmth of the South, but seeing snow in April just doesn’t fit well with me. I’ve dealt with cold weather and yes it does snow where I live, but living in a cold climate isn’t for me. Playing in cold weather doesn’t seem to be a favorite condition with the Braves either. There are certain conditions that definitely define home field advantage. Snow must be one of them.

Mike Foltynewicz started yesterday’s game with a strike out.  The Braves even scored the first run of the game also. My expectations were high, then Foltynewicz lost control of his pitches. I’m not sure if it was the weather or lack of rest, but whatever the case was Foltynewicz did not pitch longer than 5 innings. Foltynewicz grew up North so pitching in cold weather should of been easier, but the Pirates started hitting almost everything he was throwing. The biggest difference to me, was Mike Foltynewicz held his temper in check. Memories of last years temper tantrums were in my head, and Foltynewicz was emotional, but he has matured.

Outfielder Matt Kemp had another hit yesterday, but he was pulled from the game after running a full speed to first base. As of 9am this morning there was no statement if Kemp will be in tonight’s lineup. It looked like Kemp may have pulled a muscle. That shouldn’t be an injury to keep him from playing. The trainers worked on Kemp on the bench and Braves manager Brian Snitker was just being cautious. The Braves did score their highest total run score of the season with 4, but it was not enough. The Braves bats are starting to awaken. Nick Markakis had a good day at the plate and defensively. He made a diving catch in the first inning that was highlight worthy. Tonight’s game in Pittsburgh should be much more competitive. The Braves had some travel issues in New York and did not arrive to their hotel until 4am for a 1pm start time. The lack of rest and frigid weather were both contributing factors in yesterday’s loss. Today is a new day and another opportunity for a Braves win. R.A. Dickey will make his season debut tonight and it will be a great game. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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