Errors, errors everywhere you look as the Braves fall to the Pirates 6-4.

I find it ironic that before last night’s game in Pittsburgh I watched the Bad News Bears. Watching these young kids commit error after error is meant to be comical. Watching grown and professional baseball players for the Atlanta Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates drop routine fly balls and have baseballs bounce out of their gloves was kind of humorous.  It almost seemed as both teams were trading errors in the game. Plus with RA Dickey on the mound throwing knuckle balls the calamity didn’t end.

There were some good baseball thrown in from both sides. This game would not be decided by spectacular defensive plays, but rather by offense. Unfortunately for the Braves, the Pirates offense had more going for it. A few Braves players had some great hits last night. Ender Inciatre and Nick Markakis both had nice nights at the plate. Freddie Freeman unfortunately did not have long enough arms to catch throws from the infield players. Freddie Freeman is a tall first baseman, but his arms do not stretch like a comic book character. Throw and fielding errors hurt the Braves last night. It would be unfair to expose one player on the Braves or the Pirates.

The saying is true, practice makes perfect. Hopefully both teams will work on their fielding and catching fly balls in their warm ups before this afternoon’s game. This will either be a series sweep for the Pirates or a redemption game for the Braves. No matter the errors last night or the fact we are still in the first week of the 2017 season, this series has been entertaining. Maybe not in a good way if you are a Braves fan. Being a fan of baseball is more important. All humans make mistakes and no one is perfect. Maybe today’s game will be decided by key hits and base running. Both of these teams have great players and it will be fun to watch an afternoon game on a Sunday. The Braves will get their fielding in check, Brian Snitker demands excellence, not perfection. Julio Teheran will be on the mound for the Braves, let’s hope for the best. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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