The Braves open up their new ballpark with all the bells and whistles, and a win!

Last night the red carpet was on display for the Atlanta Braves. Their new stadium, SunTrust Park, is a marvel to be seen. The entire city of Atlanta is getting a face lift. The Atlanta Falcons new football stadium, Mercedes Benz field, is a sight to be seen on the Atlanta skyline. Atlanta is a gorgeous city and the biggest city on the East coast below the Mason-Dixie line. The Braves are are one of the city’s most attractive attractions and their new home in Cobb county is their latest must see attraction.

The game last night on Fox Sports had a two hour pre-game and before that their were shows and commercials about the city of Atlanta. The Braves had to live up to the hype and the team did not disappoint. All the baseball fans including me were anxious to see who was going to get the first hit, homerun, and stolen base. The Braves did not get the first stolen base. That honor went to the San Diego Padres. However the Braves home field fans got much more in return. Not only did the Braves pitching ace Julio Teheran get his first win of the season but the Braves lineup enjoyed their new home as well. Ender Inciatre put on a show last night. He got the first hit in the bottom of the 1st inning but later in the game he had a huge homerun that went to the second deck.

Everyone in the Braves lineup got a hit last night with the exception of Dansby Swanson. His play at shortstop took away several of would be hits from the Padres so there is no need to hang your head Dansby. Julio Teheran got a hit up the middle to give the Braves a lead that they held throughout the game. Freddie Freeman got the first double at SunTrust Park and he made some great defensive plays as well. Matt Kemp is scheduled to come off the Disabled List on Tuesday. However as hot as Braves outfielder Nick Markakis has been at the plate going from the cleanup hitter to his normal spot in the lineup at number 5 should generate lots of offense. It was a fantastic debut for the Braves and we can hope for much more. By the way, the Braves have now won 2 games in a row. Not a spectacular feat but it’s worth mentioning. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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