The Braves get their first walk off victory at SunTrust Park.

I hope Braves fan’s didn’t just assume their team lost last night . In the top of the 9th inning the San Diego Padres took a lead after a 2 run homerun. It was tempting to just go to bed and hope for a new winning streak against the Washington Nationals. The Atlanta Braves did almost secure the win in the bottom of the 8th inning Freddie Freeman smashed his 2nd homerun of the game tying it up. Freddie Freeman went 4-4 at the plate and he is one of the hottest players in baseball. Freeman jokingly gave credit to the brand of sunflower seeds. Last night on Twitter there was all kinds of talk about the name of the brand of the sunflower seeds.

In the bottom of the 9th inning the Braves did load the bases as they looked for their first walk off win at SunTrust Park. Dansby Swanson had been struggling a little at the plate in this young season. The stage was set for Swanson and he didn’t disappoint. Dansby got a game winning hit into left field and the stadium erupted. Luckily the volume on my television was off of mute as was waiting for something big to happen. That hit was the exciting climax a lot of Braves fans wanted. It had been awhile since I got excited about a Braves game enough to stand up and do a little victory dance. Not only did the Braves win their 5th straight game but last night’s win gave the Braves a.500 win/loss percentage.

The Braves enjoyed their first series sweep at SunTrust Park. The post game was almost as exciting as the game. The water cooler was dumped on Dansby Swanson by his teammates as he joking said it was his ice bath. Not to be out done by quick one liners, Freddie Freeman gave the the sunflower seeds credit and a quick pep talk to Dansby as the late inning heroics. Who knows who enjoyed the win more, Brian Snitker gave credit to the entire Braves team and their never give up attitude. This is still a young season but watching the Braves battle back after falling behind is a joy to watch. Now the Washington Nationals come to Atlanta for a series with the Braves. This will be a good test for the Braves and this series should be just as exciting. By the way, I never figured out the brand of those sunflower seeds. I’m sure it will be all over social media today. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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